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2018 - 2020

Corporate, Industrial, Promo, Healthcare promo, Corporate music video, Exhibition, Event, Testimonials.
Videos based on graphics, motion graphics, video shooting or video footage.

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Production, Marketing,

& Delivery

We provide a full range of services related to video production, video marketing,
distribution and delivery of business videos.
Video Production

Corporate video, Promo, Industrial, Training, Testimonials, Greetings, Awards, Corporate Music Video, Infographics, HR CV-Video, Product Review.

Video Marketing

Video Ads, Video SEO, YouTube optimization, Web integration, Social media marketing, Personalized Video, Email playing video.

Personalized Campaign

Personalized dynamic Image & Video marketing campaigns using a personal data, videos, images and email marketing.

Web, Widgets & Tools

Chatbot, Vitrual 360 tour, Video form, Landing page, Playing videos in emails, Video hosting, Quiz & customized HTML games, Poll & Survey online.

Interactive & CTA Video

Forms, Callback, Tap to Calls, Links, Downloads, Shoppable Cards, Subscription, Schedule Meeting, Video Gates, Overlays & Annotations.


Equip your company with the creative, production & practical resources to meet your ever-expanding demands.



Over the past few years, there has been a continuous growth in the demand for SMBs to employ videos as one of their marketing medium. It is a well-known fact that the use of promotional films can make your business. A reasonable amount of businesses lose profits from not using video as the marketing strategy. So, there was an increment in the demand for marketing.

SMBs consumers would much rather watch a promotional or corporate video that talks about business than reading about it. Considering an on-the-go attitude, the promotional film of the minimal and mid-length suit the busy lifestyle of today`s consumers compared to reading long written contents, for example like this one. Similarly, consumers profit from watching videos about products, learning the principle behind its functionality and what they can expect before making a purchase.

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Absolutely! The costs of video production service have reduced greatly of recent and you no longer need to be a technical whiz to work out how to use it. Sites such as Dubaiceberg have drastically increased the opportunity for businesses on a limited budget to get stuck in. Nevertheless, if you are to realize a decent return on your investment, you need to take note of the following;

Consider the audience you are targeting and ensure the film is relevant to them. If it is not the best way to pass the message across, it is a waste of time.
Be creative, not only with the promotional film themselves, but in the campaign method you build around them. The system of Creativity wins over the cost of production every time. Get that bit right and video won`t just the future of business marketing; it will be the future of business marketing for you.

This is the type of marketing that can help any SMBs spread their message and display brand personality in a quick way and helps communication between viewers. Considering the recent innovations in the field of technology, like the growing number of projects related to SMBs services, we can tell that the importance of video in the future will be even greater. But, let us stick to the present now.


Today, an unusual approach wins! What is important for event, service, business or a gift? Become an unforgettable, fun & exceptional. We know the recipe for this action. We record a song and make a music video for any of your purposes.

Music Video can show a product or service in a completely different light. A boring presentation or conference will be a memorable with theme song. Event will shine new colors with a personalized song. Employees, partners and the boss of the company will be a long time to echo corporate song. Newlyweds and guests will watch and listen with affection to romantic wedding song clip.

Some Clients Cases

Video Production

& Marketing

We provide a full range of services related to video production, video marketing,
distribution and delivery of business videos.
Without video shoot

Very often, our customers do not need video shooting, or they do not have good looking facility or office. It's not a problem....

Without Video Shoot

We can make video based on motion graphics, graphics and video footage. You can watch some examples on our YouTube channel.

  • Motion graphics
  • Graphics
  • Stock video footage
Biz Music Video

How else to attract customer attention? A new hot approach is to make your promotional or corporate video based on your branded song.

Biz Music Video

We will write the lyric, music, record a song with a professional artist, shoot a video and make your branded business music video ready to be shown to your customers.

  • Branded song
  • Business music video
  • Hot feature

How to get new customers and increase open and click rates during a cold email campaign? The answer is - personalised campaign...


Personalized campaigns are based on specific software and personal data, such as: name, email address, company name, etc.

  • Personalized images & Video
  • Personalized web pages
  • Open rate 45% / Click rate 10%

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Video Production

& Marketing

We provide a full range of services related to video production, video marketing,
distribution and delivery of business videos.
  • Video editing, motion graphics
  • Video shooting
  • Videos / images / stock footage
  • Voiceover
  • Royalty free music, sound design
  • 180 seconds, FullHD 1080p, MP4